Do you physically take my object?

No. We are creating a digital archive of objects which will include a photograph of the item. In the coming months, we are creating an exhibition in partnership with the National Museum of Ireland using a selection of the objects received. By submitting to this website there is no obligation to include your object in that exhibition or physically hand over your object to us or to anyone.

What type of object are you looking for and how old can the object be?

We are looking for objects that reveal an aspect of our history and culture over the past 100 years. The remit is broad and being a people’s project, we are asking you to decide which aspects of our history should be included. We are happy to receive any object that you deem of importance to our island’s history, heritage or culture.

Can I submit more than one object?

For website submission, you can submit as many items as you would like however each object should be added as an individual item. For the upcoming roadshow events, we would ask you to bring along just one object in order to give everyone an opportunity to take part and have their item assessed.

What are the roadshow events?

The National Treasures Roadshows are regional events where you can bring along your object, have it professionally photographed, assessed by a historian and potentially selected for inclusion in the upcoming exhibition in the National Museum of Ireland. Held in Galway, Dublin, Cork and Belfast, you can find out more information here.

I don't feel my object is relevant or interesting enough?

The most interesting objects are often passed down through generations and their attached stories can fade over time. We have a team of historians on-hand to help us reveal the story so supply as much information as you can when submitting and we’ll take it from there.

I’m not sure my object is interesting enough.

This project celebrates the everyday and the normal. Every object has a story to tell and even the most mundane object can reveal a fascinating story! The National Treasures project is defined by you, your story and your historical objects. Every object is interesting so get submitting now.

I am having technical difficulties submitting your object.

Contact us for help in submitting objects to the website here

Tips on Submitting

1. Don’t clean your object! As a people’s archive, we welcome objects that have lived a life. Wear and tear tells its own story.

2. Photograph your object using a plain uncluttered background. If you do not have a plain wall to photograph against, place a solid colour card / piece of paper behind the object.

3. Turn off the flash and use natural light if possible locating the object in a bright space.

4. Use a tripod or rest your camera / phone on something to avoid shake and blur.

5. Fill the frame with the object at the centre.

6. Take multiple photographs at different angles to highlight important details.

7. If your object is a printed item and you have access to a scanner, use that instead of taking a photograph for best results.